We're up and running!

Hey y’all! 

This is Oscar from Raws. I’ll be writing some news about what’s going on within the Raws family. Cool right? Welcome to our newsletter, the first one. We’ll see what happens with it. If you like it, then we’ll continue with it. If not? I’ll get fired. So if you don’t want a person fired on your conscience, you better continue reading.

To the important stuff. Raws was given birth to in May 2019. We started with an early bird offer for our initial customers. Orders have been coming in at a steady pace and we’re working as hard as we can to distribute to all of you in time. Now that July is here, the price will change from the early bird offer of 59 to 69 SEK in the web store. But we’re still as determined to keep the goal of giving 10% of our profits for causes that helps cleaning up waste from our oceans. 

Talking about orders – Holy smoke! We’re so happy to see that such a great bunch of people has joined the war on plastics! Designtorget, Sturehof, Brillo, Riche, Gröna Lund, BarHimmel, Haymarket, Berns and PDF-Gruppen is just a short list of all the names that have decided to go green.

What more? The Raws family is getting bigger! The person writing this for you is actually in his second week on the job here as the Marketing Manager. I will be wherever I need to be, mostly steering the social media ship. We have also hired Johanna, our lovely production manager who has the mission to keep the orders in rows and the Raws in order... or something like that. 

Reading this far, you’ve probably noticed something else as well. I’m writing to you in English! We’re from now on changing our communication language since our ambition is to go worldwide in our cause for a greener planet. But worry not. We’ll still be here replying to your order questions, product e-mails and wonderings on life in Swedish if you like. Also, if you have a cute pic of your cat, send it my way please. I freaking love cats. Now that you know that important piece of information I believe we can start to wrap things up. Thanks for erm… listening, everybody? Follow us on the social media platforms for more info about what’s going on. See you next time!