Let's change the
mother-fudging world

We make Raws from 100% natural, organic reeds. Inspired by the challenge of the ocean plastics crisis, we looked at the alternatives to plastic straws and thought, “we need to do better”.

We started investigating natural options that performed better than paper or metal, and had even less impact on the environment. Our straws are made from 100% natural, bio-degradable reeds, grown right here in Sweden and they suck like a dream.

Change Sucks

We are also committed to only using 100% recyclable materials and running a business with the minimum possible environmental impact. Just by choosing Raws, our customers are activists - helping to forge a cleaner, brighter future together one sip at a time.

To give a BIG
shut the fuck up
to plastic straws

One might want to see Raws as “just” a sustainable and natural straw. But what more does Raws bring to the table? Raws is proof of that change is possible. That there is a way forward in solutions and efficient alternatives to our plastic-fantastic world.

No more
plastic-coating it

We are not processed, polished or preachy. We are Raws. Optimistic, headstrong and happy.